RVO-Society wants to arouse youngsters' interest in technology and science. This is possible and necessary because of its social relevance.

We particularly focus on technology to help solve the climate issue, and on the applications in (health) care. A more extensive scientific knowledge and a bigger intake (and a bigger outflow) in technical and in scientific fields of  study (STEM) is our ultimate goal. Our approach is profound and based on experience. Moreover, we proceed from the environment of the youngsters.


A specific topic is always the starting point for RVO-Society. Proceeding from this point we develop various trainings, aimed at teachers, and leisure activities for youngsters (STEM-academies). The additional material can be bought or hired, or it can be downloaded free of charge.


In nursery and in primary education we teach how technology can be integrated in all classes. Furthermore, technology in the context of sustainability, and concepts such as energy and power are taught by illustration, to teachers and youngsters alike. Secondary projects intensify the aspects of sustainability in scientific experiments, or teach young adolescents the primary skills in engineering and programming.

RVO-Society was founded in 2000 in memory of Roger Van Overstraeten (RVO), the founder and the first CEO of imec. Our main partners are the Flemish government and the Flemish universities, imec, Agoria and Cera.

RVO-Society is the logical link/bridge between research and education. It translates innovative corporate knowledge and knowledge of research centers into projects and educational activities for youngsters (5 to 25). Applying RVO-Society helps companies to establish Corporate Social Responsibility.


Projects in higher education focus on the relevance of technology and science in the field of (health)care. Technically talented students learn to be innovative,  tailored to the needs of their target audience, always paying attention to interdisciplinary cooperation. As one of the founders of the cooperation CORE, RVO-Society also supports students who intend to work as an entrepreneur  in rational energy. And to commemorate RVO we, found foreign students with an RVO-Society scholarship for their innovative research at imec.

The Flemish minister for Science and Research praised RVO-Society in 2013 to be the ‘best scientific communicator’. In 2014 RVO-Society and Cera received the Sustainable partnership award.  

Partners van RVO-Society